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US Military Eyes Hypersonic Leap With Aircraft-Like Space Shuttle

The US military is going to launch a taciturn, special experimental plane that works like a rocket.

Boeing’s XS-1, which company calls as ‘Phantom Express’, got approval this week by the USA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA. The XS-1 is designed to promptly lift the satellites as heavy as 1360 kg into the orbit for less than $5 million, launching from the ground, stationing a small upper- stage module, and then landing like a conventional airplane. The key to reuse and lower operating expense.

The Phantom Express will be powered by an Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc. AR-22 Engine, an innovative variant of the main engine trio that served on NASA’s Space Shuttle. Boeing will design and build the aircraftr through 2019, including 10 engine ground discharging over 10 days, followed by 12-15 flight tests in 2020.

Beyond The military desire for a spaceplane, such a craft would likely carry gigantic appeal to commercial firms, many of which are planning to launch constellations of small satellites.

The XS-1 is also envisioned as a means to further work on advanced airframe designs capable of hypersonic flights, generally five to ten times above March 1, the speed of sound above sea level i.e around 1200 kmph. Beyond a quick pop into the spac, a craft with hypersonic speed offers a new capability that it will be deployed anywhere in the world in three hours.

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