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The new City Taxi Scheme, 2017 is likely to ban this service as “it’s legally not permitted”. Under the present legal framework, taxis are only allowed to be hired from one point to another and cannot pick and drop passengers.

App-based cabs may be barred from offering the ride-sharing option to customers in the capital. The City Taxi Scheme, 2017, by the Delhi government’s transport department, is likely to ban this service.

In principle, we are in favour of cab sharing as it not only provides affordable commuting option to passengers but also reduces the number of vehicles on roads. However, such operations don’t come under the present legal framework as taxis are only allowed to be hired from one point to another and cannot pick and drop passengers” government said.

Though the draft scheme is still being finalised, transport department officials are sure that sharing a ride would not be allowed.
We plan to regulate operations of app-based cab services. Though a number of features of the scheme are yet to be finalised, cab sharing option would definitely have to go as it is legally not permitted” the official said.

This means cabs can’t pick up or drop multiple passengers. Only vehicles with a stage carriage permit, such as public buses, are allowed to pick and drop passengers at multiple points.

 The last time the government had launched a taxi scheme was in 2015 and the present dispensation feels that with the changing scenario, it requires an update, sources said. “It was felt that some improvement is required in the old scheme and that is why a new plan has been prepared. We need proper regulation of taxi services in the city, particularly those run by app-based cab services” the official added.
Apart from banning ride sharing, the new scheme will put a cap on the number of taxis that can be plied by an operator and the maximum price that can be charged from customers.

It is mandatory to install GPS and panic buttons in the scheme. The transport department has formulated penalties for violations of norms, which would be laid down, sources said.
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